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Urethane Grade Castor Oil & Castor Polyols

Castor oil is natural oil obtained from the seed of the castor plant, produced primarily in India, China and Brazil. Scientific and historical records reveal that regardless of the oil’s origin, its chemical nature and composition are remarkably uniform. Campbell & Co. provides only the best quality urethane grade castor oil and castor polyols. 

Urethane Grade castor oils

Castor oil low moisture (COLM) made from Castor Oil #1 and castor oil low moisture pale pressed (COLMPP) made from Pale Pressed Castor Oil are refined, urethane-grade castor oils used in specific applications that require minimum moisture. Typical applications include urethane coatings, adhesives, and inks, but can also be used in urethane blowing and urethane molding. This product may be made with lighter color and lower acid values upon request.

Castor naturally has extremely low moisture content at .25%. Urethane-grade castor oil is brought down to a moisture content of .025%. This reduces the amount of urethane that is polymerized by moisture during formulation.

Our urethane grade castor oil reacts with urethane-based adhesives and coatings as a curing catalyst. The low moisture content assures stronger structural integrity.

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Tape, a product of urethane-grade oil

3D printing a hand, thanks to quality castor polyols

Castor Polyols

Castor Polyols are engineered to provide varying hydroxyl groups to meet the needs of your specific application. Traditionally chemists would use petroleum-based polyols for curing; however, a more environmentally friendly option now exists. Campol Lubricants offer a product with little or no petroleum additives. This is the most environmentally safe option for formulating.

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Go Green

Using this castor oil will help you go green. Find a cost-effective alternative to meet your company's movement to promote sustainability. Castor Polyols have found many uses in:

• Adhesives
• Castings
• Foams
• Polyurethane Formulations
• Potting Compounds
• Sealants and More