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Northern Lights over the Campbell Farm, Aroostook County, Maine

Thomas Campbell

CEO and President

Thomas Campbell was born the last of seven children on a small farm in Aroostook County, Maine. Growing up in the northernmost county in the eastern United States, Tom was accustomed to six-month winters and six-week summers. Life was hard there, but people lived on their integrity and willingness to work hard. Campbell employed those same traits to help him build a successful business.

Tom left Presque Isle in 1961 to attend Husson College in Bangor, ME. He balanced his school work with any job he could find to help pay his way, and then did a stint in the Army during the Vietnam War. Ten years later, he earned his degree in business and landed one of the most coveted jobs among his Business School peers.

That job took him to Greenfield, Massachusetts where he managed the local Sears Department store. He instantly fell in love with the hills of Western Massachusetts. So, when Sears wanted to move him to a new store two years later, he turned down the promotion in order to stay in Franklin County, MA. That's when he entered the field of chemical sales at Axton-Cross Chemical. 

Tom eventually ended up in a comfortable position with one of the largest chemical distributors on the East Coast. But after more than a decade there, he abruptly left, rather than letting his reputation be questioned. His refusal to let anyone question his integrity or work ethic stemmed from his upbringing on the farm, and he was doggedly determined to set out in business for himself.  

He built his new company by drawing on the amazing relationships he fostered over the course of fifteen years in sales, and by meeting the needs of a select group of customers. Now 74 years old, Tom is frequently asked why he doesn’t retire. His response is always the same. "I retired the day I began my own business, and I haven’t worked a day since!" 

Thaddeus Campbell

Chief Operating Officer

Thaddeus Campbell was born in Greenfield, Massachusetts in 1973. He first started going to work with his father at the tender age of two. He became an expert at creating havoc by climbing up and over the carpet displays adorning the second story of the Sears Department store. By the time he was 10, he frequently accompanied his father on his sales routes through Western Massachusetts and Upstate New York. It was during these drives that Thaddeus developed his own love of business. 

After graduating from Tufts University, Thad earned a Master's degree from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communication. It only took a few years to realize that working in television was not his passion, so in 2001 he began working with his father at Campbell & Co. During the next couple years, he helped introduce the Chitec line of photoinitiators into the Northeast market.

View of the Horizon

At the same time, Thad discovered Mixed Martial Arts as a hobby. This helped him return to the fitness he enjoyed as a successful distance runner in high school and allowed him to tap in to his competitive nature. That hobby eventually turned into a full-time job that allowed him to run his own Mixed Martial Arts school, which was successful for more than a decade. While introducing the benefits of self-discipline and self-defense to thousands of students, Thad also competed as a professional kickboxer.

An unfortunate accident in 2014 caused Thaddeus to leave the martial arts, as the threat of reinjury became too much to risk. Now with a beautiful wife and three kids, it was time to share the passion for business he had developed as a young boy with his father. The younger Campbell now takes advantage of his father’s nearly three decades of hard work and wisdom to continue Campbell & Co. for at least one more generation.