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Stabilizers & Antioxidants

Sustainable UV & Light Stabilizers

UV Absorbers and Light Stabilizers make up an important part of Chitec's business, and Campbell & Co. carries a complete selection. Chitec has been busy producing the next generation of UV Absorbers and Light Stabilizers.

UV Stabilizers

UV Absorbers allow your coating or plastic to endure UV rays from sunlight. Radiation is turned into heat, preventing the degradation of appearance and physical properties due to exposure to sunlight. Chitec offers four basic categories of UV Absorbers:

• Benzotriazole-Based UVA • Benzophenone-Based UVA • Triazine-Based UVA • Formulated UVA

UV Absorbers

Chitec is also developing next-generation alternatives for UV-328. This popular UV stabilizer has seen peek use of 3,000 tons per year worldwide. Recently it was listed as an SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern). The European Union will soon restrict the use of UV-328 and Chitec offers both short and long-term alternatives to UV-328. Both have now been REACH certified, going through the strictest chemical licensing process in the world.

Light Stabilizers

Light stabilizers mend the photooxidized areas created by penetration of UV into plastic. They scavenge free radicals generated by light, preventing further deterioration of a product. They fall into three categories; monomer, polymeric, and acid resistant types (AR-HALS). The combination of UVA and HALS offers enhanced protection against UV.

Syringes are made with plastics made possible by light stabilizers


Heating, compounding, extrusion, and other common manufacturing processes may degrade and oxidize plastic. Antioxidants mitigate this deterioration by protecting the mechanical properties of the plastic.

Chitec originally launched the Deox™ line of antioxidants and has added to that with the Revonox™ line to offer a complete list of options for all your needs.