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Industrial castor oil, including urethane grade castor oil, and many other natural castor oil products are becoming increasingly more critical to many industrial and manufacturing processes around the world. Campbell & Co. is committed to helping you succeed in business, by providing premium quality, natural castor oil products. 

When your projects require industrial castor oil, count on us to fulfill all of your needs. We are a leading supplier of urethane grade castor oil, polyol products, and chemical stabilizers.

Customer Support

By working with us, you’ll get quality castor oil products along with our personalized approach to customer support. Finding the supplies you need is simple and stress-free when you use our extensive product catalog listings. 

Industrial castor oil is used in the manufacturing processes of many products and components today. Plastics, food items, fuel, and soaps are only a few.

Optimize Your Production

Whether you are seeking to optimize your production capabilities or are looking for an all-natural alternative, you can count on Campbell & Co. to meet your needs. We offer a full range of eco-friendly, natural castor oil products. By choosing us as your supplier, you’ll take smart steps towards improving productivity, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency of your company.

Contact us to learn more. We proudly offer nationwide sales and service.

About Our Selection of Natural Castor Oil Products

Castor oil  has become a key component to many manufacturing processes across many industries. From medicine to fuel production, this material has many uses and applications. Count on us to be your supplier. Our extensive catalog of natural castor oil products includes:

Castor Oil: Our castor oil has been used for many different products, including adhesives, lubricants, rubber, sealants, and textiles.

Castor Polyols: These polyols are an environmentally-friendly component that can assist in the curing process of certain products. Our lubricants allow you to produce more while reducing your carbon footprint.

Urethane-Grade Castor Oil: This type of castor oil is an essential component in the production of urethane-based products. The low moisture content leads to stronger materials.

Castor Derivatives: We also offer a variety of castor oil derivatives. Our pressing and processing procedures ensure a clear and pure product to meet your needs.

Photoinitiators: We’ve teamed up with Chitec to offer an extensive lineup of photoinitiators, useful in a variety of coating applications. These products are manufactured almost entirely through Green energy.

UV Stabilizers and Antioxidants: UV stabilizers can protect your products from the damaging effects of the sun and ultraviolet radiation. For top-of-the-line protection, choose our stabilizers and absorbers from Chitec.

Wide Selection, Professional Support

Partner with an industrial chemical manufacturer who understands your needs. Our team has more than 50 years of experience in raw material distribution. We stay up-to-date with the changes in our industry, and we are constantly improving our methods to better serve our extensive client base.

Let our knowledge and experience work for you. Our company representatives are well-versed in the applications of industrial castor oil. If you have any questions or concerns about incorporating this material into your processes, we are happy to assist you.

Contact us to learn more about our selection of industrial castor oil products. We are based in Maple Shade Township, NJ, and serve the United States.

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