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Professional Photoinitiators Distributor 

As a professional photoinitiators distributor, Campbell & Co. offers the most environmentally friendly line of photoinitiators in the world with products from Chitec’s Chivacure and R-Gen line. With these products, you will be able to take advantage of Chitec’s patented, green-energy driven manufacturing process. To learn more about cationic photoinitiators or to discuss the other industrial products we have available, reach out to our office.

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Introducing Chitec’s Products to the Market

Campbell & Co. was instrumental in introducing Chitec’s products and processes to the North American Market, and we have been a proud distributor of their photoinitiators for more than 15 years. We helped Chris Chiu, the founder of Chitec, share the benefits of his unique manufacturing process outside of Asia. His one-of-a-kind process has helped Chitec to become the most trusted name in photoinitiators. 

Chitec’s two state-of-the-art facilities in Taiwan are set up to reduce emissions and harmful products from the manufacturing process. These facilities are also equipped to take full advantage of green energy, helping to further reduce their environmental impact. 

So when you are looking for the highest-quality cationic photoinitiators, trust Campbell & Co. to deliver the products you need. Contact us today to learn more. 

Available Photoinitiators

Chivacure® 70 Liquid Odorless & Non-Migration Coatings
Chivacure® 100 Liquid Extra Thin & Non-Yellowing UV Coatings
Chivacure® 169 Solid (108C Min) Black UV Inks & Photoresist
Chivacure® 300 Solid (100C Min) Odorless, Extra-Thin, Non-Yellowing & Non-Migration Coatings
Chivacure® 534 Solid (108C Min) Pigmented Photoresists
Chivacure® 1176 Liquid Cationic Clear Coatings, 3D Lithography
Chivacure® 1256 Liquid White Pigmented Systems & Thick Coatings
Chivacure® TPO Solid (87C Min) White Pigmented Systems & Thick Coatings
R-gen® 259 Solid (86C Min) UV Powder & Waterborne Coatings
R-gen® 262 Solid (80C Min) Visible Light Cationic Inks