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You know that your chemical-based products have to be premium quality for you to compete in the worldwide market. Anything less could adversely affect your company's bottom line. The ideal way to ensure the unmatched quality of your production process that involves adhesives or UV curing is to start with high-quality industrial castor oil from Campbell & Co.

We are a family-run operation that specializes in the distribution of all-natural industrial castor oil. This additive improves the overall quality of products ranging from caulks and dyes to lubricants and soaps. With over 50 years of experience in the chemical sales and distribution industry, we are committed to fulfilling your need for castor oil products. We also offer quality photoinitiators along with stabilizers and antioxidants that you can use in various applications. 

In today's global market, it also pays to be environmentally responsible when it comes to procuring and using chemicals. Our products are eco-friendly, so they help you create and/or maintain a production process that is healthy for all parties involved.

In addition to providing you with premium products, we offer the best in customer service. We will do everything possible to make your experience dealing with us as easy as possible.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(856) 661-7019

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